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Friday 5 August, 2011 15:31 by Andy in Featured Posts, Site News & Updates, The Terrace.

The redesign is ongoing but anyone can now post topics and comments.

Logging in has been made as quick and simple as possible to open it up to anybody who wants to post or comment. Find the login box on the right-hand-side. If you are one of the 450 who already registered within the past year you can type in your username and password, or if the email address you registered with is linked to your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo or account, just click the button and you will be authenticated that way without needing to type in your Hull City Online username and password.

If you are a new user, you can use your login to the aforementioned sites to begin posting straight away (then choose a display name afterwards, if you wish). Alternatively, click the Register link and verify your email address before logging in.

Once logged in, the Post New Topic box will appear on the right-hand-side. Enter the title and content, then click the Post this topic button at the bottom as simple as that. If you prefer, click the Visual Editor button to use extra formatting options and insert images.

The page design isnt entirely finished yet. The header area where there is only a temporary logo in place obviously needs building. Rest assured that the page content wont be shoved lower down the page to accommodate adverts and logos at the top unlike other sites. The colours arent perfect yet where there is a grey and amber clash. Most significantly, the way the list of topics is displayed needs addressing. Currently, the most recent posts (ie. topic starters) appear at the top of the page, regardless of whether another topic has a more recent reply. A solution to this is still being worked on. In the meantime, find the latest comments on the right-hand-side. These issues aside, I hope you find the new design clean, simple, and fast-loading.

A design feature being trialled is the comments view. All comments appear on one page, like the Topic view style. Those that prefer Thread view may be pleased to see replies to a previous comment nested beneath that comment. This may make it clearer to see who is replying to whom. However, this could be an unfamiliar way of viewing a topic so I will listen to feedback.

As stated, this redesign isnt yet finished so you may find faults or have suggestions. Please tell me them! Leave a comment below, post a new topic, or email me at and I will do my best to get this site just how you want it.

I hope to find some of you joining me here before/during/after tonights match.

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  1. Andy Beill says:

    Just fixed the login through Facebook. Let me know how the new quick login works for you!

  2. Ghurkin says:

    Hi Andy. First chance Ive had to take a look. I can see what youre after and from that perspective it works as you seem to want an almost HDM set up with news items getting commented on.

    As someone that enjoys message boards, it doesnt work for me. For someone like me it doesnt feel interactive enough and isnt intuitive as to where to post or follow replies. It feels like somewhere to comment on the specific point, but not to start a thread, discussion or chat.

    If Ive got the right idea of what youre trying for, could I suggest altering the boxes on the right to look more like a condensed message board, with post starter, dates and number of replies?

    Personally Id keep the news and the board separate, but then I dont have the commitment to even do it. I respect people like you that do.

    Andy Beill Reply:

    @Ghurkin,Thanks for taking the time to look, apologies for the brevity of this reply, I will try to explain better when I have a few minutes but on a couple of points you made: At the moment it does look like a HDM style news site, but thats only because Im the only one starting topics, and by and large its a news item that Ive used to try to kick off a discussion. You or any other user can start a topic (in fact not just users regular to this site, a first time user can just as easily) and it will appear on the homepage where those threads of mine appear.

    The homepage includes post starter, dates and number of replies I may be able to add that on the right in addition, but does the homepage not do the job?

    Andy Beill Reply:

    @Andy Beill, Just to add, this does remain work in progress. Ive still got things on my To Do list but I wanted to get the first version live to test it out properly and see if it could work, and to get feedback at an early stage so I can tailor the way its built.

    Ghurkin Reply:

    @Andy Beill,

    The homepage includes post starter, dates and number of replies ??? I may be able to add that on the right in addition, but does the homepage not do the job?

    Just looking at this, the quote option could do with a tweak as it could end up being lengthy. I only wanted to reply to the one element of your post, but Im not sure if itll all show. It could just be a simple matter of getting used to it.

    Anyway, in reply to the bit Ive quoted. It does show what you say, but for example this reply doesnt get promoted to the top on the main page.

    I dont see that as a problem in itself if a summary box made that clear.

    In reply to your work in progress, clearly its up to you, but I wouldnt tweak too much, just perhaps a bit of functionality without going OTT. The sort of posters that need to many baubles dont tend to post much of value in my opinion.

  3. Ghurkin says:


    Having replied, it took a while to see what had happened. My reply was promoted on the lower of the two boxes to the right, but it wasnt clear what it was that my reply related to.

    A mini messageboard format could perhaps help? Maybe keep the current format but have a box/link for general chat/discussion? It doesnt feel right to be just chatting as I am here.

    I can see what youre trying for and from comments on boards it does seem to match what some want.

    Andy Beill Reply:

    @Ghurkin, Could you expand at all on what doesnt feel right?

    Ghurkin Reply:

    @Andy Beill,

    Ill struggle a bit to explain myself here, but at first glace it looked like a list of news reports with replies to articles rather than the less formal message board structure Im familiar with.

    To be fair it didnt take long to get used to the layout and I think itll be more suited to those that are more orientated to football discussion than chit chatters like myself.

    For what its worth, my suggestion would be to change little on the main page, but make it a little clearer on the summary box to the right whos replying to what and when as well as which topics are busy. Perhaps merge them into one box in a sort of more familiar message board format at the side of the page?

    As the main page has a more sensible feel about it, Id suggest a separate area for the more irreverent stuff. I know this goes against my views from the other board, but its horses for courses and my attempt at a picture post spoiled the look and feel of the page in my opinion. Had there been another area, I would have been more relaxed about it.

    Andy Beill Reply:

    @Ghurkin, If there were ten irreverent posts on the homepage and one serious football post, would you feel as uncomfortable posting what you like on there?

    Ghurkin Reply:

    @Andy Beill,

    No, if the balance was like that Id be more at home posting. Its catch 22 though because if a purist saw mainly irreverent posts theyd possibly not loiter long. One solution could be to have the homepage showing the football topics, with the summary board being for a general chat forum?

    Just the odd bit of use Im getting now is making moving around the board more and more simple. I dont reckon youre far off on this Andy.

    One thing that could do to be a different colour is the click to hide this box for the comment submission to the top right. It took a while to see it (but clearly I did)

    Andy Beill Reply:

    @Ghurkin, I do take the point about improving the boxes on the right, in one if possible, and Ill look into what I can do there.

  4. Ghurkin says:

    Its quite quick to load too.

    I dont think youre too far off Andy. I would tweak it so its clearer whos replying to what and maybe enable picture posting (or put the instructions somewhere for dimbos like me.

    Andy Beill Reply:

    @Ghurkin, Glad you find it quick, that was a high priority after what happened with the last design!

    I will look at promoting posting pictures if thats something users would like. I imagine you can upload a picture at and use that code in a post or comment, I dont see why that wouldnt work but to be honest I havent tried.

  5. Ghurkin says:

    One problem youll face is nuggets like me that blether on before they fully read the OP. Whoops.

  6. mobiletiger says:

    Excuse my stupidity. But how do I get back to the list of items on the front page from here? Cant find a way other than using the back button

    Andy Beill Reply:

    @mobiletiger, Ah. Click the Hull City Online banner at the very top of the page. Ill add some more obvious links!

    Andy Beill Reply:

    @mobiletiger, Theres also a Return to homepage for other topics link at the bottom of the page now. Not sure if its visible enough though, what do you think?

  7. Andy Beill says:

    Significant improvement made: Posts on the homepage are now sorted by latest activity. ie. What you would expect on a message board! Previously newest threads were at the top of the list while threads with a newer reply were not at the top, which wasnt ideal. This is fixed, hence this thread started a month ago is now at the top of the homepage when I submit this comment.

    Andy Beill Reply:

    @Andy Beill, Erm, actually, NOW its fixed!

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