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Sunday 1 December, 2013 11:15 by bluecitytillidie in The Terrace.

Sorry Lads to be on your forum on a Sunday morning But just wanted to show my solidarity with you and your fight for your tradition and respect for the majority of fans at Hull City.

Myself a Cardiff City/Bluebirds fan and I can assure you a lot of other Bluebirds fans, wish we had had the balls, foresight and commitment to fight much harder for what we believed in.

Like yourselves, we have spent decades following our team, our identity, through good and bad, we are family and that means more than anything in my opinion.

Yes we are in the premiership but at what cost. Some Fans here either did not see it coming or were to blind or plastic to care.(premiership at all cost)

We should be enjoying every minute of our time in the premiership but with our new owner/dictator changing so much (colour, mickey mouse badge change,telling manager how to run the team, signings,etc)I and I know the majority of die heart Bluebirds fans feel that the heart has been ripped out of our history nad tradition for the sake of re branding.

And the sheer arrogance of the man with the money, sounds just like yours.

Although we have seen the Arsenals, Man Utds, Man citys, Chelseas, etc this season, something major is missing? Yes all our clubs and fans have a friendly rivalry/banter and over the decades loved going away and meeting and chatting with other fans.

It seems to me, a Bluebirds supporter for over 45 years that we were put in a place where we could not back out from, either take TANS money and terms or go bankrupt? I wish we had stood our ground more. I really admire what you are trying to keep alive there at Hull City, your identity, not a plastic re brand.

I know it sounds stupid, really stupid, but if I had the choice of our colours and badge back, I would rather be playing in league 2 every week, just like Pompey, at least we would still have our pride.

so, lads and lasses, take it from me, you WILL regret selling your soul for silver, as we have done.

(QUOTE FROM YOUR OWNER -Im a simple man. Do they want me to stay? If its No thank you, fine, in 24 hours the club is for sale I do not put in one more pound.)These threats and blackmail from your owner will only get worse.

I will always be a Bluebird/Cardiff City supporter.

Again, sorry for coming onto your board but RESPECT and Good Luck to you.

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  1. Terraceman says:

    Thanks for your comments. It would be great to think we have started a tide against owners who want football clubs as toys. Unfortunately, money talks.

    Our chairman has been spared some bashing in the media and cyberspace after his ridiculous assertions by the result against Liverpool. Apparently the first time we have ever beaten them!

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